A technology-oriented individual who isn't afraid to strive for perfection through failure. Always eager to learn about new as well as old technologies to expand their skills. They have passion for problem-solving and they enjoy working in a collaborative environments where they can share and improve their own skills. While their focus has been on web technologies since 2016, they are always looking for a reason to dive into other environments.

If you want to know more about them, you can check their somewhat unactive LinkedIn.

Personal projects

Want to check what they do during their free time?

Transfering local files thumbnail

Transfering local files

Transfer files between devices utilizing web browser and REST API. At its core the application is Rust server that is interactable through HTTP requests.

Laravel REST application thumbnail

Laravel REST application

The main goal of this project was to become more familiar with a modern PHP development environment by creating a simple REST application.

Guessing Game thumbnail

Guessing Game

Small guessing game with a chat feature. The application uses Socket.io to send user's answers to a Node.js server.

Audio Visualizer thumbnail

Audio Visualizer

Simple project to explore what could be made with three.js library, that was originally created with Unity in 2017. Small and simple project for a weekend.


Experience with over 30 tools

  • AWS

  • Angular

  • Babel

  • C#

  • CSS

  • Deno

  • Docker

  • Express.js

  • Firebase

  • Git

  • GraphQL

  • Gulp

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • Jest

  • Jquery

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • Next.js

  • Node.js

  • Nuxt.js

  • PHP

  • PostgreSQL

  • React.js

  • Rust

  • SQLite

  • Sass

  • Sequelize

  • SocketIO

  • Svelte

  • Three.js

  • TypeScript

  • Unity

  • Vue.js

  • Webpack

  • WordPress